Personalised Vacation

There’s so much to do at the BodyHoliday, that to leave planning everything until you arrive can be daunting. For that reason and more, we designed our own bespoke software to help us help clients get the most out of this unique experience.

Your guests can enhance their experience at The BodyHoliday by going online prior to arrival and REGISTERING THEIR OWN webroom. Here they can customize their treatments by building their own schedule, arranging activities and so much more!

The webroom will enable your guests to:

  • Chat directly with a vacation consultant
  • Select their preferred times for their included spa treatments
  • Select and book additional treatments that will enhance their vacation and will help them achieve their relaxation, fitness and rejuvenation goals

What’s more when you are a Sunswept preferred agent you can register the clients yourself into the system which enables you to be giving your client more Hi Touch service.