The Rewards

For Your Client

Custom Made Vacation Experiences

We have designed some unique software specifically for our resorts, that enable a level of customization that goes beyond normal expectations. As one of our preferred partners, we allow you to take the process directly to your client so you can offer them this high touch service and we’ll do all the work for you!

To see exactly how it works, check out the infographic under ‘How Does It Work

Personalized Messages

You can also use the facility to send personalized messages to your best customers and leave gifts for them to recognize a special event taking place during their stay.

For You


All bookings made by registered Sunswept Specialist Program Agents from September 1st 2016 until 31st December 2016 will earn Double points and Double cash.

Thank You Cash Bonuses 

  • First of all you get cash bonuses for every booking you make. The more  nights PER PERSON you book the more cash. The system is simple – you get a fixed dollar amount for every night per person you book.
    • Preferred agents* now get $4.00 per person per night
    • Expert Agents** now get $6.00 per person per night
    • Partner Agents*** now get $12.00 per person per night

Free Nights for you and a companion. As well as the financial rewards, we show our appreciation for your business by providing you with free nights to visit our resorts. You can both enjoy all that BodyHoliday or Rendezvous have to offer and get first hand experience to share with your clients

For every 7 room-nights# sold we award one free night for 2 persons at either

Rendezvous or The BodyHoliday

Free nights can be accumulated and will only expire after three years

* To become a “Preferred Agent”, you need to make 1-4 bookings.

** To become an “Expert Agent”, 5-9 bookings are required.

*** To become a “Partner Agents”, 10+ bookings are required.

#One free night at Double Occupancy-For Single Occupancy the award is for half a free night.


Throughout the year, the Sunswept Sales & Marketing team organize roadshows in North America. Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and other towns and cities in Ontario are included in our Canadian program, whilst in the USA we visit New York, Long Island, New Jersey, New England, Philadelphia, California, Texas, Chicago and many other venues. We like to invite our travel partners to events for cocktails, dinner and presentations and sometimes we organize breakfast events as well.

As a Sunswept Specialist you will always be at the top of our invitation list before we invite anyone else.

Find a Travel Agent

On the resort websites, visitors are able to use a facility to search for a Sunswept Specialist Travel agent close to where they are located. As soon as you are registered in our program, you can be listed if you wish. Of course it is not mandatory to do so and it is your choice.

If you would like to register, CLICK HERE