Group Bookings

When you make a booking for a group of people you can still earn cash and free nights as follows.

  • Cash rewards are earned exactly the same as for individual bookings :eg dollars per person per night
  • Free Nights are calculated on a per booking basis and since the group is one booking, it qualifies for 1 free night for every 7 nights booked. However, a bonus of one free night extra is earned for every 10 rooms booked on a group basis.
  • Similarly, a group counts as one booking for the purposes of moving up a level of membership

Groups at our Resorts

Whilst we do not recommend extremely large groups, on account of the intimacy of our resorts, small groups are welcome and popular with some niche types of group. In particular, we are often asked for Girlfriend Getaway Groups at The BodyHoliday and also Corporate Wellness Groups. At Rendezvous not surprisingly Destination Weddings are popular.

We consider a “group” to be 15 rooms or more and depending on the time of year the maximum number of rooms may vary. With 15 rooms comes one free room for the stay for the organizer or group leader.