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Rendezvous is getting even better!

Following the recent 5 star room upgrades, further renovations are in progress which will better serve the needs of our guests and enhance the Rendezvous experience. In fact, we are investing several million dollars into facility and amenity improvements. This web page is designed to answer any questions and provide information during these changes.

What exactly are we doing?

  •  We are making the beach bigger! In line with our environmental policy, our aim is to expand and conserve the present beach
  • A new beach restaurant which will add a third dining options to the resort, offering new a la carte lunch and dinner options to our guests.
  •  Upgrades to the main pool which will include a renovated swim-up bar and a complete facelift.

Your questions answered

What will a third restaurant mean?

Malabar, Rendezvous’ newest beach restaurant, adds more choice to your all-inclusive experience.

What will the new beach be like?

Rendezvous is the only resort on 2-mile long Malabar Beach, a stretch of soft golden sand that will be even wider than before.

How long will the work last?

The improvements and work will begin during the third week of August and is slated for completion mid-October.

We are very excited to be enhancing the Rendezvous experience! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at


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